Mykonos Travel Guide for Kindle

If you are planning on travelling to the famous Greek island of Mykonos in Greece then you should take a look at our Kindle travel book for the island. The “Mykonos Travel Guide” is our second Kindle book and is filled with lots of helpful and practical information for visitors to this magical island.

The famous Greek island of Mykonos is part of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, and is an extremely popular holiday and vacations destinations, attracting huge numbers of visitors from all over the world.

Kindle Travel Guide for MykonosThe Mykonos Travel Guide by Around Greece is the ideal companion for your holidays to the island and is full of useful information about this fantastic and highly popular Greek island.

Click the image on the right to see a sample of the Mykonos travel guide.

Inside the travel guide, you will find lots of helpful and practical information including:

History of Mykonos – Get to know the history of the island
How to get to Mykonos – Information for flights and ferries
Travelling Around Mykonos – How to travel around during your visit
Towns and Villages – A look at the towns and villages on Mykonos
Beaches – A comprehensive look at the islands beautiful and popular beaches
Gay Tourism in Mykonos – A popular destination with gay travellers
Activities and Things to do – Some of the things you can do in Santorini
Museums and Places of Interest – A look at the museums and other attractions
Churches and Monasteries – The island has a number of impressive churches
Local Cuisine – Some of the local tastes and cuisine you can enjoy
Local Products – A look at some of the products of the island
Festivals and Events – A guide to the islands local festivals
Accommodation – Appendix of accommodation
Travel Agents – Appendix of travel agents
Car Rental – Appendix of car rental companies
Dining Out – Appendix of restaurants and tavernas
Cafes and Bars – Appendix of cafes and bars
Useful Information and Telephone Numbers – Helpful information
Useful Greek phrases – Some useful Greek phrases to help you get by

The Mykonos travel guide has detailed information for the towns and areas in Mykonos such as Chora, Ano Mera, Ornos, Tourlos, Agios Stefanos, Glastros and also the nearby island of Delos – known as the “Sacred Island”.

Delos - Mykonos

Mykonos is very famous for the beaches on the island, and in the travel guide you will find lots of information about many of the islands most popular beaches such as Agia Anna, Agios Stefnos, Elia, Kalafatis, Korfos, Lia, Paradise, Psarou, Super Paradise and many others.

As well as swimming at the many beaches, you can also enjoy a range of activities such as water sports, diving, wind surfing and horse riding.

Mykonos is home to a wealth of interesting attractions, museums and sights to see including the famous Windmills of Mykonos, the Archaeological, Folklore, Agricultural and Maritime Museums, as well as the Town Hall of Chora and the Public Library.

Windmills of Mykonos

You will also find information about a number of churches and monasteries in Mykonos which are well worth visiting if you have the chance, including the church of Panagia Paraportiani, the Palokastro Monastery, the Catholic Church of Mykonos and several others on the island.

There are a number of events and festivals that take place each year on Mykonos including the Vine Harvest Festival, the Virgin Mary Festival and the Procession of the Icon of Panagia Tourliani.

You will also find a useful selection of hotels and accommodation, cafe bars, restaurants and tavernas, as well as some travel agencies and car rental companies that operate on the island. which may be of help to you when you starting planning your holiday to Mykonos.

If you are planning on visiting the Cyclades island of Mykonos – then this travel guide is the perfect book for you have with you on your adventures.


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