Astypalaia Travel Guide for Kindle

If you are planning on visiting the beautiful Dodecanese island of Astypalaia in Greece, then you should take a look at our Kindle travel book. The “Astypalaia Travel Guide” is our first Kindle book and is packed with lots of useful and practical information for visitors to the island.

Kindle Travel Guide for AstypalaiaAstypalaia is an extremely beautiful and popular island in Greece, and attracts visitors from all over the world. It is an island that offers a much more relaxed and peaceful setting than some of the more famous and well known islands.

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Inside our Kindle travel guide for Astypalaia you will find information for the following ….

Towns and Villages of Astypalaia – Get to know the various parts of the island
Architecture – A look at the architectural styles of the island
Beaches – a comprehensive look at the beautiful beaches you can enjoy
Churches and Monasteries – Information about the islands various churches
Sights and Places of Interest – Find out about the various sights and attractions on the island
Caves – A close look at the islands famous caves
Festivals and Events – Guide to the islands local festivals and events
Activities and Sports – Some of the sports and activities you can enjoy in Astypalaia
Travelling to Astypalaia – Details about travelling to the island
Travelling around Astypalaia – How to travel around the island during your visit
Local Cuisine – A look at some of the local cuisine and tastes you can sample
Accommodation – Appendix of accommodation and hotels
Travel Agents – Appendix of travel agents
Car Rental – Appendix of car rental companies
Dining Out – Appendix of restaurants and tavernas
Cafes and Bars – Appendix of cafes and bars
Useful Information and Telephone Numbers – Useful travel information
Useful Greek phrases – Some useful phrases for your stay in Astypalaia

Our Astypalaia travel guide has information for the islands villages of Chora, Livadi, Pera Gialos, Analipsi and Vathi, as well as information for over 13 beaches on the island including the beaches of Vatses, Steno, Agios Ioannis, Tzanakia, Kaminakia, and many others.

Kindle travel guide for Astypalaia

There are many great sights and attractions to visit in Astypalaia, and our travel guide has information about such sites including the Venetian Castle, Archaeological Museum, Baths of Talara, the Public Library and many others.

To help with your holidays and vacations in Astypalaia, you will also find a useful selection of hotels and accommodation, cafe bars, restaurants and tavernas, as well as some travel agencies and car rental companies that operate on the island.

If you are planning on visiting the Dodecanese island of Astypalaia – then this travel guide is the ideal book for you have with you on your trip.


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